Spring Night 2016
Spring Night
March 12, 6 pm - 12 midnight
Terra Gallery, 511 Harrison Street @ First
Spring Night is supported by many generous cash sponsorships from our community.  
Online Auction
March 4, 10am through March 17 , 10pm  

Our theme for 2016 is  Belle Époque  - an era defined by economic prosperity, industrialization and scientific and cultural innovations. An era when art and design flourished and many human rights campaigns came to the forefront as social class lines blurred and people from all walks of life came together. We will recreate our own Moulin Rouge with a dinner and program where we can all be together in one space so come in festive attire to celebrate our school in artistic and exuberant style! 

"Woman with Roses" by Telopa Treloky, 2012

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